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Personal motivation

  • want to make a significant contribution within your lifetime.

  • want to work from a bigger incentive than purely commercial interest.

  • are excited by innovative practices.

  • courageous, pioneering, committed.

Leadership motivation
You want to spearhead new possibilities within...

  • leadership.

  • purpose.

  • contribution.

  • human potential.

  • a new vision for business.

Organisational motivation

  • believe organisations have a crucial role to play in designing and bringing about our future.

  • want to use organisational practices towards individual to global good.

  • want to develop a healthy, responsive and resilient company.

  • want to future-fit their organisation for generations to come.

  • want to create an exceptional working environment that’s an example of what’s possible.

Societal motivation

  • care about people and planet as well as profit. 

  • want to work from a joined up model.

  • can think and operate beyond a ‘single issue’.

  • want society and the global system to operate on a win-win basis.

  • believe we have the innate capacity to create workable solutions.

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